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Company Profile

GLOBAL HEAVY EQUIPMENT AND CONSTRUCTIONS CORP, organized and incorporated in 2001. The primary objective of the company is to buy used equipments, recondition and later rent or sell the same, engage in construction business specializing in foundation works, port facilities, steel fabrication and erection. The company has accumulated various construction equipment for site development, civil works, specialty equipment for foundation works and heavy lift.


Founded by Mr. Armando T. Diaz, who had his primary and secondary schooling at San Beda College and graduated at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, he acquired his skills in heavy equipment reconditioning during his stay in the United States of America for 10 years. He was able to make connection with American equipment dealers that later on would be one of his clients in exporting used equipment abroad and also providing technology transfer to the company’s workforce for modern and up to date technique in equipment reconditioning.


Some of the biggest clients were Hopewell Philippines that constructed coal plans in Pagbilao Quezon, Global Heavy Equipment purchased most of the used equipment that was utilized to build the big power plants of Pagbilao and Sual Coal Plants. Most of this equipment purchased was exported to the United States with the company Inland Crane Machinery.


The company also supplied and refurbished crane requirement of F F Cruz Inc. at the same servicing their parts and maintenance requirement. Pile driving equipment for foundation works Tapayan Flood Control Project. Fendering works at the Batangas Port, including their overhead crane. Road building equipment such as dump trucks, compactors, road rollers, backhoes, concrete mixers and batching plant were also supplied in the construction of Batangas Port.

The company supplied heavy lift cranes for DMCI Inc. used for clam dredging operation in their Semirara Coal Mines in Antique.


The company supplied heavy lift cranes to EQUIPMENT ENGINEERS INC. (EEI) for its project in building the expansion of PETRON REFINIRY BATAAN supplying three rough terrain crane 25 tons, 35 tons, and 45 tons capacity, one 150 ton crawler crane.


The company has supplied crane equipment to TREVI foundation specialist in the NIA III Airport Terminal Construction.

The company at present is supplying the heavy lift requirement of SHILO INTERNATIONAL a subcontractor of DOO SAN Corp, with KEPCO as the proponent of two megawatt coal plant Naga Cebu. Pile driving works at Kabunsuwan bridge Zamboanga as subcontractor to BJ Construction Corp.


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